> Dream.

You wake up in a field of blue flowers. Looking down at your hands reveals you’re... a ghost? No. You’re in a dream. But not your dream? You get up and look around. It’s almost as if you’re in another world... Who put you here? What put you here? After searching for a bit, you see something sat near a small pool of water.

You run up to the thing - it appears to be Sol, just as ghostly as you, except... more filled in. Is this her dream? You don’t have time to ponder the implications of being in her dream before she grabs your hand and dashes towards a large crescent-shaped building. She shoves you inside, leaving you to observe the five doors the building breaks into: Love, Regret, Need, Want, and Memory.

What the hell is this girl planning? You look up at each door, trying to figure out what to do. Which door is the least-worst door to enter? You turn around, trying to open the door she shoved you into - As expected, it’s completely sealed, with her outside. You swear under your breath, reaching for the Love door. Your hand barely touched the knob when a giant amulet blocks the way. An Amulet of Mara? what...? You shake your head, opting to instead enter the Memory door.

Sol is waiting for you - this dream apparently took away her ability to speak, replacing her mouth with two bandages in an “X” shape. She leads you through the hallway, photographs of her past floating past the two of you. Her parents, yelling at her... Sol, alone and surrounded by a group of Nords - is that Hjaalmarch? - the pictures shift, and suddenly she’s wrestling a Bandit to get a dagger back, her arm covered in scars. You look at Sol after seeing this memory, and see that she’s rolled the sleeves of her shirt down, covering her wrists... Suspicious. The pictures shift again, and past-Sol has returned to Hjaalmarch, hugging one of the Nords from before. After that, her getting ore... and being surrounded by Imperial Legion members. The cart... suddenly, these events are very familiar to you.

The two of you arrive at another door, blocked to you by another Amulet of Mara. Sol touches the door, and seems to vanish before your eyes - The door vanishes as well, leaving a portal and a small note.

Ulfric -
Remember what she means to you. Act well.

You’d ask yourself what in Oblivion you just read, if the dreamworld around you hadn’t suddenly been sucked into

> Awaken.

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