Enter name.

Interesting choice of name, tree-bat-man. But that's not quite it.

That's more like it! You're Solani. Solani Lunos, to be exact. The thought of your own name makes you grin... Though that grin is quickly lost when the thought of what could happen to you strikes again. It's been kind of an odd morning.
You look to the other people in the wagon. There's four of you total-- Existential Ginger, Emo Stormcloak, Cutie McGee, and you. You don't know your "friends" names just yet, but the dude on your right seems... important.
You look at the horse. Did they...
Did they nail the wagon to the horse's ass!?

Those Imperial BASTARDS!

You hiss quietly as the Imperials bark to one another. Looks like you're nearing your destination... Helgen. You hear one complain about how a vandal attacked the sign. What a douche!


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