> Solani: Pull binding off Cutie's mouth.

You wrap your tail around the binding-- they didn't make it very tight-- and pull down. The binding falls around his neck, but you fail to account for the fact there's now a 200-pound bear of a hunk crashing down on top of you.

You both yell, grunting as you land on the floor of the wagon-- and he lands on top of you. You look up at him, face redder than a drunk Nord's, and meow/squeak something about him crushing you. Or something. You can't hear yourself over him apologising for nearly crushing you.

The both of you sit up-- right as the wagon stops. You quickly whisper an introduction-- you're Solani, and you did nothing wrong.
Cutie introduces himself too. He's Ulfric Stormcloak, and he too did nothing wrong.

Suddenly, you realise why Cutie Ulfric looked so important to you.

> Solani: Be Hadvar.

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