> Solani: Be Hadvar

You are now Hadvar, the most justice-filled Imperial there was ever justice-ified. (Or at least, a feeble attempt at Hadvar, the most justice-filled Imperial there was ever justice-ified). A strong Imperial soldier, you get the honour of... Rattling off the names of those heading to the chopping block of justice.. You look down at your list of justice.

Most of your list is already at the block-- this is the last wagon for today. Your subordinates open it up, lining everyone up. Someone undid Ulfric's binding (or forgot to lift it up.) You make a note to bring justice to whoever did that. You call out the two names from this wagon, and they get "escorted" (dragged justicely) to the block. The captain then points at the last person outside the wagon-- a Khajiit girl.
You ask her for her name. She responds willingly-- Solani Lunos. She seems like just an unfortunate blacksmith who got caught up in the ambush.
Captain disagrees. She damns the List of Justice (much to the crushing of your justice-filled heart) and sends the Khajiit to the block as well. So much for justice...

> Hadvar: Back to the Khajiit.

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