> Hadvar: Back to the Khajiit.

Back to the Khajiit. You're standing next to Ulfric, who's being yelled at by some important-looking Imperial. Ulfric does the right thing by spitting in his face as one of the other people from another wagon gets their head chopped off. Gross...

Then you get called out. You're next.

You solemnly walk up, paying no mind to the mysterious roaring in the distance. You turn to face Ulfric, shooting him a sad smile as the executioner raises his axe. At least you made one important friend before dying in a fantastically lame way.
Of course, Ulfric stands like a stone.
You guess the Bear has to keep himself together somehow-- though, you do catch him smiling at you a little bit.

That's when the dragon attacked.

> Solani: Run away!

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