> Solani: Don't fall in love.

Too late, friend. As you start walking down the road, you look back to him... and realise he’s coming closer. You motion that it’s okay, and ask him if he’d like to just walk to Windhelm together-- you mention that he could see how you fight, and that he could probably kill a few Imperials along the way.

He blushes, admitting that it was, kind of his plan the whole time. You giggle, taking his hand and walking along down the road, looking up at the moons. You can see one fairly clearly, though the other is obscured somewhat... Not like you know much about Nirn’s moons anyway. Hell, you really aren’t sure about much on Nirn itself. Is it a sphere? Is it flat? Where is it, anyway? These questions haunt you at night.

You spot a small village in the distance. Ulfric explains that the small town is their destination, Riverwood. It’s not that long a walk, but it is really late at night.


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