You wake up the next evening, in a proper bed... a proper room. You look to your right, and see Ulfric lying down next to you, reading a book. You can’t completely make out the title, but you see the word “Argonian” in there somewhere. You look up at him, and he puts the book down-- his face suspiciously red.

He notes how much you slept, and tells you where you are and what happened-- it’s the next day, around 5pm, and he carried you in bridal-style into the inn. The innkeeper probably assumed you were dead; gave the two of you the room for free. You audibly laugh, and he pets your head. You mumble something about how you’re going back to sleep, and he chuckles as you lay your head back down, dozing off.

> Solani: You're asleep, be Ulfric.

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